The UK's capital is bursting with culture. Whether you're looking to explore its countless museums & art galleries, historic landmarks or extravagant West End district, you're in for the time of your life. London is a global city in every sense of the word.

Theatre Under £25
in London
Last updated on 21st January 2019

We all know how good it feels to spend a night out in London town, and we all know how bad it feels when you check your bank balance and realise you’ll have to opt for night in front of the TV instead. Thanks to our lovely list of budget-friendly theatre tickets, you can now look forward to treating yourself without denting your finances.

The capital city is also the capital of theatre, where its West End is known around the world for staging some of the best productions in history. The theatre playground is effortlessly chic and glamorous, but it’s not all as expensive as you’d think. The Criterion, Apollo, Shaftesbury and Playhouse theatres are all world-class venues in the heart of the acting action, and they all offer a range of economical tickets.

London’s theatre scene is also supreme in its inclusivity of all tastes and interests. It’s not just about the big musicals, but features everything within dramas, pantomimes, dance performances, opera, stand-up comedy and more. Take a scroll through our list and you’re bound to find something in your prefered field of live entertainment.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, London’s reputed theatre district offers everything and beyond. And with our list of shows with tickets under £25, there’s no need to settle for another ordinary evening. Take a look at what’s coming up in London below.