This historic maritime city birthed The Beatles. That's almost enough said right there isn't it? But the city has much more to offer, with some of the UK's best theatres, arenas and venues for a merry night out in Merseyside.

Theatre Under £25
in Liverpool
Last updated on 21st January 2019

Luxury doesn’t have to be a luxury when it comes to catching a theatre show in Liverpool. There are plenty of tickets available for £25 or under, meaning you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to see the best of Liverpool’s performing arts scene.

The north western city has some fantastic venues that bring a wealth of productions to the Scouse community. The Everyman, Empire and Playhouse all staged performances by well-known stars who were just starting out, meaning you could be watching the next big thing for next to nothing! The Epstein Theatre, Royal Court and Unity Theatre are constantly hosting variety shows, offering you an eclectic range to choose from - or perhaps something for every night of the week with such valuable prices.

Whatever type of theatre you enjoy, take a look at our list and find tickets for under £25. With such a great deal, your biggest problem will be deciding how to spend the savings!