Weirdo: A Lois Mills Showcase

Fri 26 Jul 2019


Weirdo: A Lois Mills Showcase

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Weirdo -A Lois Mills Showcase brings you the best of her weird and wonderful sketch comedy. The winner of Sketch Off 2018, Mills is a one woman sketch group, turning your perception of sketch comedy, theatre and interpretive dance on its head. Using a mixture of puppetry, audio and good old-fashioned theatre, Mills will take you on a journey which will conclude with you thinking, yep - she is a weirdo! “She made a virtue of a the kind of behaviour that would get you sectioned without stage lights and a microphone“ - Julia Chamberlain for chortle “The decidedly strange Lois Mills, who started off weird and .... got weirder” - Bruce Dessau for Beyond the Joke “My own personal favourite was Lois Mills” - Yorkshire Post

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