David Byrne

David Byrne

The Scottish-born singer of Talking Heads has been firing out records since the 1970’s.

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David Byrne


The Scottish-born singer of Talking Heads has been firing out records since the 1970’s. He experimented with film, theatre, literature and photography, but retained music at his heart, returning with fresh material in 2018. David Byrne’s ‘American Utopia’ tour celebrates new tracks such as ‘Everybody’s Coming to My House’ and tributes classics like ‘Once in a Lifetime’. He quickly found fame with his former band, depicted as pioneers of new wave music. They combined genres like punk rock and funk with world music to develop a new sound, arguably demonstrating Byrne’s supreme creative talent early on. Many famous artists have tributed Talking Heads as their inspiration and influence, including Radiohead (whose name derives from one of their songs), REM, Eddie Vedder and many others. After the band split up in 1991, Byrne followed his passion for world music, particularly sounds of Brazil, and created his first solo work and music label. He continued to work on diverse music for live stage productions and collaborated with other well-known stars, such as Fatboy Slim, Tori Amos, Cyndi Lauper and Florence Welch to create ‘Here Lies Love’ in 2010. Seemingly unstoppable in his creative pursuits, David Byrne simply can’t stop concocting new music. Within his solo career and time with the Talking Heads, Byrne has received a Grammy, Academy Award and Golden Globe and has been integrated into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with other inspirational legends.

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